The Great Glebe is on Sale

May 27, 2017

Dr. David says he's over it: price tags put on parking spaces, 
mini coopers at thirteen grand, 
bras for a buck or two hanging off
of swingset stands.

The Great Glebe is on sale.

Ambam and Jojo join Wookie for early strolls
through pedestrian traffic down uptight streets
into huckster herds galore, 
howling "what a haggle, what a steal!" 
for four dollar dogs hot off the grill 
and ritzy serves of lemoned water - 
that's another toonie or two to go.
the bank's an all in a day type deal this morn - 
feisty moods, sweaty and sweet, 
mr. alan's shopping in the hood.

free-thinking royals on fifth ave. balancing 
civic expression and freedom of speech with
signs that read :: 

[  "No matter where you're from, you're welcome in Canada,"  ]

... for $25. Inclusion ain't cheap.

bourgeoisie at a price - fedoras for fifty bones - 
"Google it, you'll see what I mean," they say,
to dappers on the streets of Bytown who 
wiggle through dress codes for cheaper than this. 
there's a Biltmore at home, anyways. 

on second ave. "it costs $0.50," for the book,
but "$0.25" is the highest she can go - the eyes roll over,
a sigh lights the air and a muttered "fine" 
fills the merchant's mouth.
it's just the beginning of the day.

a stroll turns into storm on clemow ave.
"those books are one dollar," barks the elderly 
and so "thank you" I reply, most patient as possible,
uninterested in her three copies of angels & demons, 
seeking some Scott instead.
"Didn't you take one?" the old one demands in
motivating language and peeking into my pockets,
// literal diplomacy at its finest for an accused book thief.
And so a head tilt protrudes and with disbelief,
a "come on" is blurted out and
silence ensues. 

it's nine in the morning and my city's up on hangers - 
posters from Warsaw - what is their story?
"So like, my sister, went on like, 
this theatre exchange 
kind of thing or whatever
in Poland a couple of years ago 
and brought these back. Want 'em?"

contemplating their being put to good use,
and with neighbours stepping on these Reeboks, 
toothless walks by an Ashbury sweater and recounts
Peter puking in the toilet and passing out 
with his pants down, an unfit recap for the girls. 
a glare is shared, but it means nothing around here. 

the Great Glebe Garage Sale:

where grandiloquent  is a metaphor for loose change.


Images courtesy of Lukasz Lukaszek

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June 30, 2017

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