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***Submissions are now open for ISSUE 8 : 🔗 ~ CONNECTION ~ 🔗 from February 1-28. Work submitted for inclusion towards Issue 8 of PACE Magazine should include {Issue 8} in the Subject Line for consideration.***

Genre-specific instructions

Submission Guidelines

Thank you for considering PACE Magazine as a platform for your work. We are an Ottawa area not-for-profit, creating a space to promote, curate and bring local arts together.


Submit using the form on this page, or e-mail

Read our copyright guidelines before submitting.


To ensure that we showcase your work in the best way possible, we ask that you include the following information each time you submit.

  • Title of the work(s) submitted
  • Your name (or pen name) and pronouns
  • Credits or collaborators to the submitted work(s) that we can include (name and accounts)
  • An artist bio (1-3 sentences in the 3rd person)
  • A description of the series
  • Social media and/or other places to view your work
  • (Video/Music) Images to accompany your submission (posters, album art, headshots, etc
  • Mailing address

*For excerpts from forthcoming books or collections elsewhere, please let us know the publication date in your email.

Have a question? Send us an email at

Describe the submitted works

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