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"Broken Clocks" Series w/ ThierryJ.Benson

Broken Clocks :: " Each image constitutes an aesthetic sensitivity approach that is both, time intimate and social. In this work, I’m trying to come to terms with how I honestly see and depict women's identity.

In the Broken Clocks series, colours and lights are woven into our minds for a self-examination of what we consider to be essential and true. Are my pictures romanticized? Sexualized? Why do I see women in this way?

For me, photography is as much about the way I respond to the subject as it is about the subject itself. I feel that my background in fine art photography serves me to creating portraits that are rich in detail and texture, without losing interest in the subject. "



Bio: ThierryJ.Benson was born in Haiti, but raised in Canada. Finding his passion in the arts, he studied in fine art photography at Concordia University as well commercial photography at Dawson College in Montreal. His focus is on shooting intimate life moments - depicting an entire story with only one picture. Currently living in Montreal, he often travels to meet new people and discover places for inspiration.

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