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Hard Hugs & Heart Strings

I am awakened by Bill Withers and a feline stampede.

Teeth stop grinding, bones start aching. Joints snap, crackle, pop

as I rise to start the java IV. Prepare healthful sustenance in little

plastic boxes that always come back slimy. Begin intense debates

on the amount of time precious bodies will be exposed to cold

before the temperature rises up, up, up. Not high enough for me.

Hard hugs and good day wishes. The shock waves still knock me

over; these towering magnificent creatures were once just acorns

inside me. Off they go, taking my heart strings and a piece of the

atmosphere along with them.


Hard Hugs & Heart Strings, by Pearle

Lives and creates in glorious Muskoka, Ontario. Pearle has embarked on a journey of creative reinvention following some life altering health issues. Her poetry and photography are inspired by nature and finding raw beauty in everyday life.

"This was written based on a regular morning in my life.

The mundane melody of the whole school day routine and that moment of sad silent bliss when the door slams and the kids are off. "

Instagram: @poesybypearle


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