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Blue Light Belly Laughs

These days,

we connect in grid formations

through blue light.

Stories are told,

costumes may appear

and glasses are spilled and refilled.

I think the most beautiful part

of this new world is how old friends

simply blend right in.


Blue Light Belly Laughs, by Pearle

Lives and creates in glorious Muskoka, Ontario. Pearle has embarked on a journey of creative reinvention following some life altering health issues. Her poetry and photography are inspired by nature and finding raw beauty in everyday life.

"This piece was inspired by the many zoom calls my friends and I have had throughout the pandemic.

This particular group of friends I've had for over 25 years.

Our ability to slip back into youthful silliness and complete hilarity despite the trying times has been such a respite."

Instagram: @poesybypearle


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