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Hold Me

I just wanna hold your hand,

Sitting in the pink sand

Before we see the sunset,

After the crowd dies down

Sit down with me, sit with me

“Just hold my hand”

At the party I see you

And when I see you my eyes glisten

And every time,

I get nervous

Because of the fact you are the one

The one I get so nervous for

I just wanna hold your hand

Before life takes over

In the Bahamas, the trees

Best dream of my life

To be here with you

Before life takes over

“Just hold my hand”

Things happened unplanned,

But back when I saw you by the sand

A spark helped me keep going

Through all of this

I was there with you

So distant,

Please come hold my hand

As time passes

Love suppresses

The return of broken grief

As it passes by,

My thoughts then subside

For someone in a day of need

I then had the courage

Without discouraging thought,

Talked to her briefly

She came in as swiftly as the leaves fell in coming winter

Seemed even more far away

Then a flash of love and awe struck me

To as I was coming home

For home is where the heart lives



"Hold Me" by Claire Theis.

Claire is a creative writer/poet interested in submitting poems. She is a college student in Oklahoma working on a bachelor’s in biology health science.

IG claireann789

Tumblr - claireann789



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