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More or Less

More time. Less space.

More walking. Less rushing.

More reading and writing and snacking.

More chocolate. Less cheese.

More staying. Less going.

Less visiting and travelling and adventuring.

More Zooming. Less meeting.

More yoga. Less yoga.

More stress. Less stress.

More repetition. Less variation.

More time. Less time with friends.

Fewer interactions. Fewer distractions.

More wasted time.

More making. Less makeup.

More hair. More grey. More weight. Fewer thongs.

More board games and pet cuddles.

More music and mail.

More daylight.

More rest.

More money. Less money.

More ideas. Fewer excuses.

More creativity, positivity, authenticity.

More perspective. Less judgement.

More death. Fewer funerals.

The world goes on

More or less.


"More or Less" by S. Hawn.



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