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Scrounging [for]

A seed somewhere in the resin,

intercrown spacing,

random walk.

How then does

habit match occasion—

Scrounging [for] happy waters,

storks plant their hallux

in the heath,

& I contend

with what's left;—

derelict bow,

sparse trees.


Scrounging [for], by Cory Steel-O'Meara

Cory Steel-O'Meara is an aspiring poet from Ottawa, Ontario. Their poems have been published in PACE, Glowworm, Headline Poetry & Press, Nymphs, Showbear Family Circus, and deathcap. Their poetry revolves around the act of seeing, that instant connection between eye and light, and how our subjectivity interprets these images into personal themes. Cory's writing and artwork can be found at


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