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Bees Knees

We love the gradient transition

I discussed it with my neighbour

Hood, it’s hard not to want a real one

So bad I might have to steal ideas from everything around

Including my own dysfunction

Revelling in drug habits so close

Quarters and I walk by with my stealthily sly eyes

Smile eyed bride

Of weed

And my Ukulele, right now in bed uku-laying beside me

Toking long into the night, I cough and analyze my smoking technique

Maybe if I was quicker on my feet, I wouldn’t be so fast to admit defeat

At that old planting seeds gig

Planting trees, an ecstasy so deep with relief when I see no more in front of me

And yet without the constant toiling suffering nothing means much more of anything

Try breathing wide I tell my poor belly

An aching food bag I played this sag play once before now I’m sore

But happy like weird bees knees I’ll take two with honey please

Fuzzy legged buzzing furs sure I’ll let them land

Stillness is the secret sickle weapon i hold in the palm of my hand

Daddy gave me wifi once more in a hard camp


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